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Bring History to Life

Elevate your museum experience, allow visitors to interact with historical figures, through immersive, and engaging conversations.

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EmulateMe technology uses advanced AI to bring famous characters to life, offering engaging conversations that educate and entertain.

Interact with Famous Characters

Ask them anything, and receive their text, audio, and video answers.
Learn from their story, build a better future.


How does the experience work?

1. Creation of
AI Famous Characters

Using authentic data such as facts, biographies, voice clips, and images, we create and train a lifelike Avatar of the Famous Character.

We then test it with a closed group to fine-tune the assets and overall experience.

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2. Set up on-site
interactive screens

We provide a conversational interface to chat with the Famous Character.

EmulateMe can be implemented on tablets, totems, or large interactive screens.

We train museum guides to assist visitors effectively.

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3. Launch of EmulateMe experience

We start with a soft launch involving real visitors to gather feedback and improve the overall onsite experience, including introductions, sound, image, and devices.

We then proceed to the final launch, engaging visitors with real-time conversations.

Why implementing EmulateMe?

Increase Visitor Engagement

Interactive screens captivate visitors, making learning both fun and memorable.

Enhance Educational Value

Provide accurate, detailed historical information in an engaging, interactive format.

Flexibility and Scalability

Implement EmulateMe on various devices such as tablets, totems, or  interactive screens.adapting to your museum's space and resources.

Modernize your Exhibits

Bring a cutting-edge, tech-savvy appeal to your museum, attracting a broader audience.

Listen to her synthetic voice!

Ask your smart avatar any question, get a realistic and reliable answer

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Reply from Lisa

Read emulation response

Our AI technology processes the information and creates a lifelike digital emulation

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Share your storieswith your Loved Ones, forever.

The new AI interactive experience at your Museum

Engage visitors with interactive, educational, and entertaining conversations.

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Experience EmulateMe online, chat with a famous character:

What do EmulateMe users say?

"I was amazed by the EmulateMe experience! Chatting with historical figures such as Einstein, or Tesla, felt so real and brought history to life in a way I’ve never experienced before. It made my visit unforgettable and incredibly educational."

David, Exhibit Manager, 35 years

"This is an outstanding educational tool. It provides an immersive way for students and visitors to interact with historical figures, deepening their understanding and interest in history. This technology truly enhances the learning experience"

Lisa, History professor, 43 years

"I was amazed by the EmulateMe experience at the museum! It brought key historical figures to life, making my visit unforgettable and incredibly enriching. I've never seen anything like it before."

Mike, Visitor, 29 years

A secure place to create
Smart Avatars


Content saved on the EmulateMe database is encrypted. All your information is secured.


Only you are able to access your Emulations and chat with them.

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We will NEVER sell your data nor display ads.

The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence

At EmulateMe, our belief is that new technologies should be embraced and optimized, but not without ethical considerations. Our development process involves taking necessary precautions to reduce the possibility of harmful exploitation. We are fully dedicated to upholding intellectual property rights and taking action against any misuse.