Frequently asked questions

Who are we?

We are a group of tech-savvy individuals and family enthusiasts committed to uniting human life stories across time. We believe that every life is important and strive to preserve and protect as many stories and experiences as possible. Through EmulateMe, we invite users to embark on a journey of discovering human wisdom powered by AI experiences.

We use technology in a safe way, as a means to better connect with those we love the most.
We have a group of experts who work to make the EmulateMe experience something unique, innovative, and special, that allows us to connect today, and always.

How does EmulateMe work?

Create your Avatar by uploading a profile picture, a voice note, and relevant information such as a biography and other documents about the person. This will enable you to ask the Smart Avatar questions and receive text, audio, and video answers that accurately represent the person's voice and appearance.

EmulateMe is a compatible solution with FamilySearch so you can link your family tree and import your ancestors' profiles to chat with them.

How can I use EmulateMe?

A Smart Avatar is a digital representation of a person that can communicate through text, audio, and video.
1) Create your own replica:
Preserve your life story, memories and anecdotes by uploading your own written stories,  biography or any other personal document. Record your voice, and upload a profile picture to bring to life your Avatr.

2) Embody Famous Characters:
Step into the shoes of your favorite characters. Be a wizard, superhero, or anyone you adore. Imagination knows no bounds, amaze your friends. Watch an example here.

3) Professional AI Persona:
Boost your online presence by uploading your company information or CV to craft an avatar that speaks for you. Allow clients and your community to engage effortlessly.
Watch the tutorial for sharing the chat with your Avatar there.

4) Ancestral Conversations:
Bring ancestors to life with FamilySearch.  Link your family tree and ask any questions to your ancestors to unveil hidden family tales.
Watch the tutorial for importing your FS family tree.

What is a Smart Avatar?

A Smart Avatar is an emulation of a person created using just one photo and one voice note. With this information, the Smart Avatar will look and sound like the real person. Additionally, the Avatar can be trained to respond by uploading a text document, such as a biography, emails, personal documents, and more.

What kind of information do I need to create a Smart Avatar?

To create a Smart Avatar using EmulateMe, you need a profile picture, a voice note, and relevant information such as a biography, voice and/or video recordings as interviews of the person.

Can I create Smart Avatars of other people?

Yes, you can create Smart Avatars of other people using EmulateMe, as long as you have their permission and access to the necessary information and media.

Please check our Terms of Use

Is EmulateMe a secure and private platform?

Yes, EmulateMe is a secure and private platform that uses advanced security measures and encryption to protect user data and ensure privacy. The platform is compliant with GDPR and other data protection regulations.

How much EmulateMe costs?

You can subscribe to a plan on EmulateMe, which offers various limits on the number of text, audio, and video answers. For more detailed information on the subscription plans, click here.

How can I start?

Click here to start creating your Smart Avatar in EmulateMe.
With just 3 simple steps and in less than 3 minutes you can start talking with it.

What languages is EmulateMe available in?

EmulateMe platform is available in English in Spanish.
You can clone the voice in seconds to more than 20 languages.

Is Emulateme going to sell my information to other companies?

Definitely not. EmulateMe is a secure and ad-free space, your data is protected. In addition, Smart Avatars are private, which means that no one can access the content.

I have a problem, what do I do?

You can contact our team of specialists by sending us an email at