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Hugh Nibley

BYU Professor & Author

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Randy Seaver

Genealogist Expert

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Da Vinci

Artist & Creator

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Bring your Family Tree to life.
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How EmulateMe works

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Import a family member's profile, with his information and documents.

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Select documents to import or upload any other from your computer to make your Avatar able to chat.

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What do EmulateMe
users say?

"As the first in my family to create an avatar, I am preserving our family history for generations to come. I can't wait for my future children and grandchildren to do the same. It's an amazing way to keep our family legacy alive!"

David, 28 years

"EmulateMe brought my ancestors to life. Now my grandkids can chat with their great-grandparents. It's an amazing gift to keep our family history alive. I love this platform!"

Julia, 43 years

"I enjoy the ability to emulate myself or others; it's an exciting experience, and I feel like I'm at the forefront of something innovative that is just the beginning."

Mike, 29 years

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Content saved on the EmulateMe database is encrypted. All your information is secured.


Only you are able to access your Emulations and chat with them.

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The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence

At EmulateMe, our belief is that new technologies should be embraced and optimized, but not without ethical considerations. Our development process involves taking necessary precautions to reduce the possibility of harmful exploitation. We are fully dedicated to upholding intellectual property rights and taking action against any misuse.